I worked with data indicators measuring sustainability, environmental deprivations, and multidimensional poverty in order to illustrate the link between sustainability and human development. Inspired by the latest Human Development Report "Sustaining Human Progress".

In every composition, there are a multitude of repeated forms of different sizes that make up the bulk of the image and are the central focal point. Each form belongs to one of the world countries and represents the particular numerical value of that country for the described indicator. The forms are labeled with the corresponding country name and positioned on top of a background of abstracted shapes reminiscent of landscapes. These background shapes are also informed directly by the curves and plotted lines of relevant infographic diagrams and are carefully chosen based upon their subject and message. 

Within a particular indicator, compositions for total values and per capita values maintain the same background landscape. Additionally, country forms within a particular indicator stay in the same location but change in size to accurately reflect the applicable numerical value.
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